Install + Enable UFW & Open Needed Port:

apt install ufw -y
ufw default deny incoming
ufw default allow outgoing
ufw allow ssh
ufw allow 24240/tcp
ufw enable

Install & Configure Fail2ban

sudo apt install fail2ban -y

After that setup Jail

sudo nano /etc/fail2ban/jail.local

Copy and paste the following into the file:

enabled = true
port = 22
filter = sshd
logpath = /var/log/auth.log
maxretry = 3

Then restart fail2ban with the below command

sudo systemctl restart fail2ban

Download The ButK Wallet


Then run the daemon

cd but-


Go to your QT wallet

Go back to your QT wallet and create a new address, the said address created is your. Once the address is generated, send exactively 800,000 BUT to it and wait for 15 confirmations

Once 15 confirmations are obtained, From the desktop wallet Go to ‘Tools’, go to Debug, then paste this smartnode outputs and enter

When you run smartnode outputs you will get an output like this one below

4cd3a48d1ea98641f3b9bf5a835df12078a038f9aaf71995dd12bcb3e42c9f901 1

where: transaction id = 4cd3a48d1ea98641f3b9bf5a835df12078a038f9aaf71995dd12bcb3e42c9f901 collateral index = 1

The next steps is to run protx with this method

protx quick_setup transaction-id  collateral index  ubuntu-ip:port  collateral-fee-address

For example

protx quick_setup 4cd3a48d1ea98641f3b9bf5a835df12078a038f9aaf71995dd12bcb3e42c9f901 1 Xc82XVmsFnKkPF7ugZNfmTuPdFFW469vJu

This will result in something like this:

  "txid": "323d1bd0d33818a93840a9d223ae93a05ce8c42cdca3e1f54a76883299a8e4c5",
  "tx": "030001088f0f22b7d66fb88ac00000000d1010000186c844060a8005d1355e4d05a6beadc1aed8af8cca98c1c4d1200",
  "ownerAddress": "Xa234ae909fnyiJgVsJiUZpoWrm",
  "votingAddress": "Xe245e1tco9akkmtNcrudv1t67FL9sDFtV29",
  "payoutAddress": "XtGrM6VR2Lbxgnkuw34ea222fwTQGR4mMU",
  "collateralAddress": "Xe4LEJwuYnPdp91oauhoSee23eGHbx5Yas",
  "collateralAmount": 800000,
  "signedMessage": "IPf4y2i9UdA6nVbZEDZAgyFlkd+0GjcUYqGjGui/3jAvGv2bWp/avp36j+tQCbI2Uh3HI28=",
  "operatorPublic": "1345e6e7e7r88f8c2c2dfdb52d9ce3a47c626218f0875209d8dfade0138401583f61d00ae7ec9eb2396db8f8",
  "operatorSecret": "0a49509ef4559688sal33333333333of6bad5c88808d5a0",
  "but.conf": "C:\\Program Files\\ButCore/Xv2LEJwuYnPdp91oauhoRhe52eGHbx5ARP_but.conf"

Then go back to the ubuntu server and locate your ~/.but/but.conf and enter your operator secret as the masterodeprivkey


Then save and check with this command

./but-cli smartnode status

You can simply follow this method below also: